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This app is a very easy to use app in order to help you in difficult situations. Via SMS you can send the coordinates of your location to a telephone number which previously needs to be set.

You can also make a telephone call to a previous set telephone number.
For the SMS text you can define your own text in your own language. If you leave this field blank, default text in 2 languages (english, german ) will be added to SMS : " Please help! My location is..."

Usage Example 1:
While you are doing sports in nature (on the water, in the mountains) and if you have problems and need help.
E.g.: Before you start kiting you enter the telephone number of your kite school or any other number which you think should be informed in case of emergency.
All you need to do just start the app, tap SMS or CALL button and press the 'sent message' button in Messages App . The kite school will be informed about the emergency and can take actions to help you.

Usage Example 2 :
You are in a city and you need to be picked up by someone else. Just send your location via SMS, so the person picking you up can easily find you.

Usage Example 3 :
Install the app in your child's iPhone and enter your telephone number for SMS and CALL.
If needed, or in case of danger your child can send its location with just 2 taps.

This app is very easy to use, without any complicated settings.

This app will give your location wherever you are, to whom ever you wish!