Todays Gökova - Akyaka

Akyaka is with its beatiful nature parks, untouched ecological system, historical ruins and underwater archelogical treasures, situated at the south-west area of Turkey. Till now he is defending himself in order to protect its nature against the damages caused by the people and wrong politics. It is one of the rare places that is able to keep himself unspoiled. Akyaka was a village  till 1992 and after that changed into municipality. In April 2014 the municipality is taken from Akyaka and as an effect Akyaka became a suburb of Ula. If you have things to do with officials like construction, permission for working etc. you need to go to Ula or Mugla.

The architectural growth in Akyaka is very positive.The houses that are going to  be built are have to be planned according to the architecture style (Ula houses) plans. They could be maximum 2 floors and with a lot of wood style.

The building period is between November and May. Other times building is strictly forbidden.

Building cities means does not only building houses. The traffic should also be planned correctly that the people who are living there could have nice time especially at the weekends.

One another big problem is the CANALISATION SYSTEM. Although it has benn changed to  a biological and chemical cleaning system,  some old canalisation lines definetly needs to be renewed.

Akyaka is generally a place where people are spending their summer holidays. Recently or in another words after the University in Mugla, especially students are looking for flats to rent during the Winter times.

Ula art of architecture is used in Akyaka very commonly. With a special kind of chimney and the using a lot of wood for example designing at the ceilings or balconies etc. In 1983 the house that wasdesigned by Nail Çakırhan wan the award of Agha Han Architecture Prize.

Gökova has a typical Mediterranian climate. Summers are hot and few rain and winters are warm and with a lot of rain. In Summer because of the breeze from the sea you don't feel the heat at the beach that much. As an average you have sunshine around 9 months in Akyaka. Sea temperature is around 20°C. You can swim in Akyaka almost 7 months in a year. the forests are covered with huge pine trees and also olive trees. Akyaka is since 1988 stay under the law of Nature Protection Places in Turkey and  had a Blueflag-award.

Shortly Akyaka is still a place to live and enjoy...