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Safety is the main priority on our programs where only the newest of equipment is used and the latest IKO (International Kiteboard Organization) techniques are applied by our 8 years experienced instructors.

The only thing you need to do is decide and contact us. We will take care of the rest for you. Just be ready to take off into a new world of experience in just 3 days of training with us.

”Whoever you are, and however you travel you will find something that suits your needs inGokovaBay. Welcome everyone, this will be an experience not soon forgotten

Gokova Bay with its 6 months continuous wind and open space is naturally very suitable for kiteboarding and has become one of the most attractive locations for beginners as well as having made a memorable impression on professional kiteboarders.


Beginner Course

*3 days total 9 hours

For kitesurfing beginners we recommend our 3 days intensive kitesurfing beginners course .. to really get you on the board up  properly.It combines the standard 3 days IKO course (International Kiteboarding Organisation).The goal of Beginner Course  is to get you on the board. All equipment is included (kites, board, harness, wetsuit, buoyancy west, helmet, ...). 

1 to 1 1200 TL

Group Course 2 to1 1000 

Refresher Course

* 1 - 3 hours

If you finished the course long time ago and need confidence boost or bought equipment but never had chance to try it – this course is for you! Refresher will remind you all knowledge and skills you you need to know before going to the water again. We will help you to trim your equipment and show you how is it working. Don’t waste the time on your holiday – take refresher course and enjoy kitesurfing! 

1 hour     150 TL

3 hours   400 TL

Board and Beyond

* 1-3 hours

In these lessons is the stage where all those dreams and hard work pay off, as you get to feel the board on your feet and ride the wind! It's one of those feelings that are hard to describe and you have to experience yourself. Most students benefit from an additional set of 3 hours, where they perfect their board skills.

1 hour    150 TL

3 hours  400 TL

Intermediate Course

* 1-3 hours

We can offer any lesson from toeside riding, jumps, rotations to racing and waveriding. You won't believe how a bit of 1:1 coaching can push you're learning and riding to a new level. 

 It is essential to be really flexible with these lessons to make sure you get great conditions to progress.

1 hour    150 TL 

3 hours  400 TL

Race Board and Foil Board Course

* 1-3 days

Before booking this course you should be able to perform water starts and having started to ride in both directions.

We are the only school in Gokova to use boat support for race board and foil board riding lesson. 

3 hours     750 TL

6 hours   1400 TL

9 hours   1800 TL


Kiteboarding Equipment Rental

Rental Price

Rent from us for hassle free kiteboarding. We have equipment for all conditions, so it does not matter if you have the wrong size kite for the day. You can try different kites/boards as we have twin tips, surfboards, and skim boards. 

Rescue craft to back you up
Because we take safety on the water seriously we have invested in a zodiac boat, so hire from us and know you’re covered.

Beach staff are there to help
Our super friendly beach staff are there to give tips. They can also help you to set up your kites, and launch and land.

Complate Kitesurfing Package

Kite, board, bar + lines, harness. Includes helmet hire …”just turn up in your boardies and you’re ready to rock”

1 Day       180 TL 

1 Week  1100 TL

Kite Rental

Kite, bar + lines hire (change to the kite for wind strength) 

1 Day      120 TL

1 Week   770 TL

Board Rental

Range of twintips, surf and light wind boards 

1 Day        70 TL

1 Week   420 TL

Harness Rental

We have all different harness sizes, waist and seat versions for hire

1 Day         50 TL 

1 Week    3150 TL


  • Experience the latest kitesurfing equipment

  • Get the size kite/board for the conditions

  • Avoid airport baggage fees

  • No kitesurf storage problems

  • Get a multi site deal

  • Get freedom to travel