By car and co.

  • By car and co.

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How to get there

With Auto and Bus
If you came from the direction Istanbul-Izmir - Ankara, the most important thing is get out from the Bus after 28 km from Mugla and not pass the road to Akyaka.  You can stop the bus at Three Roads Joint ( Üçyol Kavsağı).
If you came from the direction Antalya -Dalaman you need the stop the Bus at he CrossRoads (Dörtyol). The busses up there start to go up to Sakar Pass and they do not like to stop at the Three Roads Joint. If you tell the Bus Firms in advance thay can pick you up from the CrossRoads.( Only in high Season)

With Airplane
Dalaman and Bodrum Airports are the closest airports to Akyaka.
If you came from Dalaman Airport you can take the shuttle to Marmaris and get out at the CrossRoads. Otherwise you need to take a cab or bus or Dolmus.
If you came from Bodrum Airport, there are not so many oppurtunities. You must take bus or a taxi or Dolmus.

You can also land in Izmir but then you need to travel around 240km to Akyaka however.
if you want to go To Dalaman Airport from Akyaka by using shuttle from Marmaris, you need to be at the Crossroads at 04:00 o'clock. You can catch the 06:00 o'clock plane from Dalaman to Istanbul.
Telephone numbers from airports are listed below:

İzmir A. Menderes: (232)429 1410

Dalaman Havaalani: (252) 692 5292

Bodrum Havaalani: (252) 536 6565